Highest standards require the right means and technological background. At SMART-Pro we apply the newest technology available in the market of auto detailing and car renovation.

S.M.A.R.T. technology – is an abbreviation of Small and Medium Area Repair Technologies, and it describes a group of advanced technologies of aesthetic repairs of vehicle damages. The key element which characterizes S.M.A.R.T. repairs is the fact that it minimizes the area of repair. It is also noteworthy that it substantially shortens the time of repair in contrast to the traditional repair technologies. The S.M.A.R.T repair system was found its beginnings in USA; however, it quite quickly became very popular in Europe (Especially in Germany and the United Kingdom).

Removing dents – P.D.R. Technology

We use paintless dent removal on all brands and models of cars, regardless of their condition and age.  Paintless dent removal is based on using metal levers, which gently push out the dent from the inside of the element. This method requires extreme precision and experience gained through multiple repetitions. With places, which are not accessible from the inside we use the method called pulling. By using this method a dent is removed from the outside by pulling plastic handles which are glued to the paint. The results of the above mentioned methods are astounding.  Because the dent is pushed out from the inside, the original surface of the pintwork stays untouched.  Any interference performed on the paint lowers the car’s value and carries a risk of destroying the original coating against corrosion. It often happens that there are color differences between the newly painted elements and the original bodywork. Services provided by SMART-PRO eliminate these problems. It is extremely important while selling a car, especially in times when coating thickness testers are commonly used.

S.P.O.T. painting

Major damages to the surface of the paint sometimes require painting of the entire element.  The traditional technology, which is used in the majority of workshops to gain proper paint (which is not different from the one used on other components) requires painting of the neighboring elements.  At SMART-PRO we strive to receive the exact color of the paint, therefore there is no need to paint any other parts of the car.

Such an approach allows to cut down the time and costs of the repair.

Moreover, spot painting, in comparison to the traditional technology (which uses body fillers and painting of neighboring parts), does not decrease the market value of the car.

Paint protection system – quartz layers

Cquartz is a breakthrough is the field of protecting paint, windows, rims and other exterior car elements.  Cquartz is not a natural or a synthetic wax. It is a quartz layer, which changes, after 12 hours, from liquid into gel and later into a hard quartz layer. Unlike other specimens, which only protect from harmful weather conditions such as UV, Cquartz also protects the paint (in some degree) from scratching. It is also immune to strong windshield washer fluid. What is more, it creates a solid, unlimited layer, which is 0,5 micron thick,  and is Invulnerable to APC, substances used for car washing, and alcohol. Cquarz make the final effect look glassy and it gives the car a totally different effect than waxes available on the market.

-For new cars the process of application covers a full protection with CQuartz “Finest” (the car exterior, with rims and windshields).

– For cars which need paint correction, it includes a developed process of cleansing and decontamination of paint.  It clears the surface from all metal contamination and it corrects it.