Liquidation of minor traffic and parking damages.

Representatives of the industry agree that traffic accidents are a serious problem, which generates higher and higher costs, and also has a negative impact on the profitability of business. Excluding the vehicles from traffic, costly repairs, insurance price going up – these are just some of the effects of traffic damage, which they must cope with every day. Therefore, there are constantly looking for new ways which generate low costs, and are easy to implement.

We propose a fixed solution in the range of minor traffic and parking damages. The offer presented by SMART-PRO is based on the S.M.A.R.T. repair technology, and is an alternative to costly and time-consuming traditional methods. Our services allow spot repairs, without the need of disassembling or exchanging the entire element. Therefore, the costs of such repairs are much lower, and time of the process is reduced to minimum. We have transparent rules of calculating the entire cost of the repair, which allows us to define the final price before we proceed with the work.

We know how important t is, in managing a car park, to consider all time and cost aspects, while keeping a high level of customer service.  That is why, at SMART-PRO we reduce the time of the car being excluded from traffic and we reduce the costs of liquidating the damages, and indirectly the cost of insuring the car park.