Thanks to the advanced and innovative technologies used in the process of revitalization of cars at SMART-PRO a car can be prepared at a much shorter time than commonly offered standards.
The S.M.A.R.T repair is associated with relatively small costs, making the SMART-PRO offer extremely attractive and profitable for clients who are looking for cutting down costs without loosing the highest quality of services.

Removing dents – P.D.R. Technology.

Small dents can be found on almost all car bodyworks. They are most commonly caused by doors hitting the car on parking lots, hail or being hit by small objects, such as chestnuts. Such dents make the car look unattractive.
So far, the removal of such dents or bumps required using body fillers and repainting the damaged element. At Smart Pro, we use a non-invasive method of removing dents.
We use paintless dent removal on all brands and models of cars, regardless of their condition and age.
Paintless dent removal is based on using metal levers, which gently push out the dent from the inside of the element. This method requires extreme precision and experience gained through multiple repetitions. With places, which are not accessible from the inside we use the method called pulling. By using this method a dent is removed from the outside by pulling plastic handles which are glued to the paint. The results of the above mentioned methods are astounding. Because the dent is pushed out from the inside, the original surface of the pintwork stays untouched. Any interference performed on the paint lowers the car’s value and carries a risk of destroying the original coating against corrosion. It often happens that there are color differences between the newly painted elements and the original bodywork. Services provided by SMART-PRO eliminate these problems. It is extremely important while selling a car, especially in times when coating thickness testers are commonly used.

S.P.O.T. painting.

Scrapes, scratches, as well as other damages of the coating can be removed without the need of costly repainting of the entire element. For this purpose we use a painting technology called S.P.O.T. This method is ideal for removing minor damages of the surface of the paint, which can be caused by doors hitting the car on a parking lot or minor contact with other cars or objects, which mainly leave scratches on bumpers, spoilers or fenders. Thanks to the S.P.O.T. method we can also remove the paint damage on the decorative side panels, mirrors, and edges of doors.
We repair all brands and models of cars, regardless of their condition and age. We are able to reproduce any color and fix any type of damaged left on the paint.
The innovative technique of applying paint, used by SMART-PRO, allows us to perfectly match the old and the new coat of paint.
Major damages to the surface of the paint sometimes require painting of the entire element. The traditional technology, which is used in the majority of workshops to gain proper paint (which is not different from the one used on other components) requires painting of the neighboring elements. At SMART-PRO we strive to receive the exact color of the paint, therefore there is no need to paint any other parts of the car.
Such an approach allows to cut down the time and costs of the repair.
Moreover, spot painting, in comparison to the traditional technology (which uses body fillers and painting of neighboring parts), does not decrease the market value of the car.

Car paint renovation.

Most workshops simply polish the surface of the paint to renovate it. They use the process of mechanic polishing, with 2-3 polishing pastes in a relatively short time. This traditional polishing very often uses strong abrasive chemicals, which change the thickness of the paint up to 20-30 microns.
Paint correction is a complex process, which is crucial in achieving a great car look. Only after all defects are removed can the paint shine and present the right depth of the color. The simple polishing does not expose the above mentioned qualities.
The proper renovation always starts with cleaning the surface. This allows to prepare the coat for any type of work performed with abrasive materials.
Before we start the correction we always analyze the condition of the paint coat, and we choose the right abrasive specimen. Each car undergoes a coating thickness test.
– Multi-stage natural washing – spa
– Removal of organic impurities – decontamination
– Removal of inorganic contaminants – metal filings stuck in the paint
– Hand wiping with microfiber towels.
– Multi-stage paint correction leading to the removal of all defects
– Securing of thresholds and door panels.
– Window cleaning and securing the windscreen
– Protection of paint using Zymöl wax base – Carbon / Titanium.

Protecting the paint.

This service is designed for customers who own new cars or those who have cars with extremely well preserved paint.
Prestige syntetic –
We apply a monolayer synthetic composite on the coating of the paint. The surface becomes smooth. The car body receives a deep color and shine. The effect lasts about three months.
Prestige polimer –
We apply a two-layer composite, which is based on polymer nanotechnology, on the body of the car. Prestige polymer provides a high gloss, deep color, and protects the paint. Lasts for about 6 months.
Prestige Cquartz –
– A multi-stage process of natural washing – Spa
– Removal of organic impurities – decontamination
– Hand wiping with microfiber towels.
– Paint being purified with IronX Car Pro, as a preparation for the application of quartz
– The quartz layer (CQuartz UK Edition) applied to the entire body makes the paint resistant to high temperatures. Cquartz on rims is the most durable and strongest possible protection against high temperatures (metal filings from break pads, or the high temperature of wheels during driving). CQuartz as a layer of quartz highly prevents the paint from being.
– Vintage applied to the inside of the door to give a good finishing, deep color and shine.
– Cleaning, and protecting the tires using Zymöl Tyre and the external plastics using Zymöl Vinyl Cleaner and Zymöl Vinyl Conditioner Professional Series.
– Cleaning windows and mirrors with Zymöl Glas and polishing with an impregnating agent.
– Application of a layer, on the exterior glass, which will quickly rid the windshield of all water and provide excellent visibility.
– All metal and chrome parts are cleaned and protected by Zymöl .

S.M.A.R.T. repair of velour and material upholsteries.

Small defects of the upholstery may be caused by different factors. Among the most common damages, there are the ones caused by cigarettes, which can destroy many elements in the car. Most often they damage seats and car mats. Even though these defects are most often small, they stand out and make the inside of the car look unattractive. Till now the only way to fix such imperfections, was to exchange the damaged element at the authorized car service or at the upholstery factory. These methods, however, are costly and take a long time. Fortunately there is a different method which is a lot simpler and less expensive. We are able to recreate every color and pattern of material and velour upholstery.
Protecting the interior of the car.
Securing leather upholstery – application of Zymöl Leather Treat Professional
Securing textile upholstery – application of 303 Fabric Guard to the surface of the upholstery and to the armrests.
Securing interior covering – application of Zymöl Fabrique protective layer.
Securing trunk covering – application of Zymöl Fabrique protective layer.
Securing velour mats – application of Zymöl Fabrique protective layer.
Interior renovation
We also specialize in upholstery repair and reconstruction, as well as in renovating interiors of all brands and models of cars

Adding new components.

– Supplementing so called “deficiencies” – missing pieces of equipment such as: hubcaps, lighters, ashtrays, floor mats, first aid kits are supplemented by appropriate alternatives.
Fleet storage
Vehicle storage – an insured parking place, for about 150 vehicles, physical security, video surveillance, on-line monitoring.
Keeping the cars ready for presentation or departure (in winter – snow removal, charging the batteries)
Managing full documentation of stored vehicles
Car transport – on the territory of the whole country
Car sale
Selling cars in the most important internet media (we have 7 marketing channels through www)
Actively gaining clients, with the use of our own base (5000 individual clients)
Standardizing the exposition of vehicles on the car yard (description of the car, price label, banners, flags)